Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility is more than just another "check-box" to Hezcy; it's in our DNA.

Since day one, we have aspired to set a new standard in the flexible packaging industry – and sustainability is a major part of that mission.

Corporate responsibility: it's not just something we do, it's who we are.

1. Sustainable Flexible Packaging

Hezcy is one of the world's most advanced flexible packaging companies, and as a result one of the leaders in sustainability. Reducing plastic use and improving manufacturing practices are in our DNA.

1.1 Sustainable Packaging Solutions

1.1.1 Compostable Packaging

Compostable Box Pouches

“Compostable - materials which biodegrade in a composting process through the action of naturally occurring micro-organisms and do so to a high extent within a specified timeframe. The associated biological processes during composting will yield C0², water, inorganic compounds and biomass which leaves no visible contaminants or toxic residue/substances.”

*Source: EN Standard 13432, ASTM D6400, and ASTM 6868

The compostable materials that Hezcy sources are subjected to and comply with various testing methods:

  • ASTM D6400
  • ASTM D6866
  • FDA Compliant for Food Contact
  • EN 13432
  • OK Compost HOME
  • AS 4736-2006
  • AS 5810-2010

Key Technical:

  • O₂TR – 0.8 at cc/㎡/24h@38℃ 90%RH
  • MVTR – 7.8 at g/㎡/24h@23℃ 0%RH
  • Barrier properties are compared to its plastic equivalent.


  • dried foods
  • seeds
  • cereals
  • coffee
  • tea
  • pet food
  • powders
  • sports nutrition
  • confectionery

1.1.2 Recyclable Packaging

Recyclable Spout Pouches
Recyclable Stand Up Pouches

“A product or package should not be marketed as recyclable unless it can be collected, separated, or otherwise recovered from the waste stream through an established recycling program for reuse or use in manufacturing or assembling another item.”

*Source: Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Recyclable All-PE Pouches, 100% recycling in a curbside bin.

Hezcy’s most commonly used recyclable materials:

recycling marks

1.1.3 Renewable Packaging

“Renewable content refers to the use, in the manufacturing of a package, of bio-based and natural resources that can be replenished through a natural process. Current bio-based and natural resources that serve as renewable feedstocks in packaging include crops like sugar cane used in the production of bio-plastics and various trees are used to produce virgin paper fibres. Traditionally, and appropriately so, in order for a renewable package to be designated as such, the contents should come from well-managed sources (e.g. FSC certified paper fibres).”

*Source: Reclay StewardEdge Inc.

Hezcy Packaging is partnering with companies who provide resins made from renewable materials such as corn, potato, or other starches to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

1.2 Sustainable Operations

VOC Treatment & Odor Control System

As a flexible packaging manufacturer, Hezcy thinks about our planet's future and strives to continuously improve our operations' environmental performance concerning reducing energy usage and carbon emissions, conserving water, reusing internal scrap, reducing packaging, eliminating landfill waste, and promoting workplace safety.

We have switched our gravure printing from an open-air decking system to a closed central-impression system that significantly reduced our Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions as it prevents VOCs from escaping into the ambient environment.

We use catalytic and regenerative thermal oxidizers to destroy over 99% of captured VOCs emissions; our regenerative thermal oxidizers utilize high-efficiency heat exchangers to eliminate Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and VOCs thermally.

We have installed energy-efficient lighting in our manufacturing facilities to reduce our energy consumption of lighting by 28%.

We work with recycling companies who recycle our waste and make new products such as plastic furniture, roadblocks, plastic pallets, benches, plastic lumber, etc.

2. Operations Stability

Of course, if we can't deliver high volumes of high-quality packaging reliably on a fast enough timetable, then it severely devalues everything else we can do. Luckily, Hezcy has over 35 years of experience in this field, and our processes are refreshingly precise. For your benefit.